Island Park, LLC
Wholesale Nursery

Island Park, LLC is an upstate New York wholesale nursery stock grower.

We sell directly to landscapers and garden centers. Our inventory is a diverse mix of deciduous trees including maples, oaks, crabapples, pears, lindens, lilacs, willows, birch, hawthornes, ginkgos, honey locust, shadblow, london planetrees and some harder to find species such as amur maacki, yellowwood, filberts and hackberry.

Established in 1999, we are wholesale only and sell only to retailers and those in the trade. We grow northern hardy varieties and do our best to pick species and cultivars that can thrive in this region. Our tree liners come from some of the top liner companies in the nation, offering a wide variety of cold hardy species and new introductions year after year.

We offer a variety of shade, flowering, edibles, conifers, natives and even some popular shrubs. All of our material is field grown and sold as balled and burlap (B&B), including our shrubs.

Our goal is to have a long term relationship with our customers and know them all personally so we are better able to assist in choosing material.

We encourage all customers to visit the nursery and tag their own material so they can pick just the right tree for the project. Even if you just want to tour the nursery to see what is new and available in the region for future projects we would love to show you around and talk trees. We are just minutes off of I-90 and I-787 just outside of Albany, New York.