Island Park, LLC
Fall Digging Hazards

Some plants have a lower survival rate when dug in the fall. These plants are considered to be a fall digging hazard and Island Park does not recommend that the following list of plants be dug in the fall season and will take no responsibility in the survival of those trees.

Acer rubrum / Red Maple
Betula / Birches
Carpinus / Hornbeam
Celtis occidentalis / Hackberry
Cercis canadensis / Eastern redbud
Juniperus virginiana / Eastern redcedar
Liquidambar styraciflua / Sweetgum
Liriodendron tulipifera / Tulip tree
Nyssa sylvatica / Blackgum, tupelo
Ostrya virginia / Hophornbeam
Platanus / Planetree, sycamore
Quercus (except palustris, bicolor) / Oak
Salix / Willow
Tilia tomentosa / Silver linden
Zelkova / Zelkova
All Fruit Trees